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Rhino/WMG Stephen Stills Packaging
Platinum Guild International Packaging
Westmont Museum Corot Catalog
Reagan Presidential Museum Catalog
Gourmet Mixology Book
Nike SE Shoe Launch Packaging
GHD Emerald Packaging
Alterna Summer Hair POS
Alterna Bamboo Packaging
Sansum Clinic Mailer
Lotusland Invitation
KCC Holiday Mailer

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About Us

We are V3 and we have been producing some of the finest (and niftiest) printing in the world since 1946. We are one of the oldest and largest commercial printing companies in California.

At V3, we are not “stodgy” but we do adhere to the time-honored beliefs that – as a local business – we are here to serve our clients, our co-workers and our community. We also believe that everything we do centers on “value.” We provide that value through streamlining our processes, delivering a consistently exceptional product, and working as an extension of our client’s team. So, whether you need sales collateral for your next trade show, folding cartons for your new product line, or help planning your next direct mail campaign, our goal is to show you that V3 is indeed a world-class company worthy of your business.

General Commercial Printing
Specialty Packaging / Folding Carton
Direct Mail Services
Cosmetics / Hair Care
Health & Fitness
Medical / Healthcare
Education & Universities
Non-Profit Organizations
Wineries & Vintner Associations
Advertising / PR Agencies
Ventura County
Los Angeles
Santa Barbara
San Luis Obispo / Paso Robles
San Francisco Bay Area


V3’s Leadership Team

Mike Szanger

Mike Szanger

President View Details
Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry

Operations Manager View Details
Greg Dominguez

Greg Dominguez

Corporate Controller View Details
Steve Alkazian

Steve Alkazian

Digital Services Manager View Details
Mike Szanger

Mike Szanger


Mike is a longtime industry salesperson turned printing executive. Most of Mike’s professional life has been spent working directly with clients ranging from small local companies to ginormous international corporations. He brings this unique perspective to the management and the vision of the company – making V3 a truly customer focused, value driven company. Mike sits on advisory boards for Brooks Institute and the Printing Industries of America. He is also an avid hockey fan, music enthusiast and enjoys taking naps while watching golf.

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry

Operations Manager

Steve McCurry is a 1993 graduate of the Graphic Communications Department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He has been in the print industry for over 20 years, holding positions in the areas of Estimating, Scheduling, Production Management and Sales. He is an avid mountain biker and can be found on trails and watering holes across the Western United States. He also likes gladiator movies.

Greg Dominguez

Greg Dominguez

Corporate Controller
Steve Alkazian

Steve Alkazian

Digital Services Manager

Steve Alkazian is the Digital Services Manager at V3. For the past 40 years Steve has worked for some of the leading companies in the printing industry. His career has been built on a solid foundation of traditional lithographic practices, which have transitioned into the modern forms of media communication. His experience in Pre-Press Technology, Systems and Color Management are part of the core of V3. Steve greatly enjoys working with clients and helping them resolve their challenges in order to produce that perfect project.



ISO 9001:2008 Certification

One clear benefit of working with an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is quality management – but this does not just apply to our physical products. Our quality management system is meant to monitor the progress of both our products and service levels from order entry to final delivery. So we have a defined framework to give you not only a consistent, repeatable quality product – but equally stellar consistent service.

FSC® Certification

V3 has been recognized for its commitment to environmental responsibility and well-managed forests with a chain of custody (COC) certification. FSC® is an international standards-establishing network whose certification program aims to slow global forest damage and foster sustainable manufacturing processes. COC certification allows V3 clients to include the FSC® logo on materials using FSC® certified papers.

G7 Master Printer Certification

Our facility, equipment and systems meet industry-leading practices for achieving gray balance and visual similarity across all printing processes, substrates and devices. We must re-qualify annually to ensure we adhere to the IDEAlliance’s G7 guidelines.


Technology Partners



Our partnership with best-in-class technology companies allows us to deliver quality products that adhere to state-of-the-art processes and standards. It also gives us the ability to offer the right solution for your company, including traditional offset printing, digital printing and variable data printing.


Equipment Details

40-Inch Mitsubishi Six-Color Press with Coater
40-Inch Mitsubishi Five-Color Press with Coater
40-Inch Heidelberg Two-Color Press
28-Inch Mitsubishi Six-Color Press with Coater
20-Inch Heidelberg Five-Color Press
18-Inch Hamada Two-Color Press
HP Indigo 5900 (7-Color)
(2) Konica Minolta Biz Hub 1052 Presses with Booklet Maker
Zund M-800 Digital Cutting System
Platinum PD-106 Die Cutter
Platinum PG-100 Folder Gluer
Kluge Automatic Folder Gluer with Two-Sided Tape Attachment
(2) 45-Inch Polar Programmable Cutters
(2) MBO Continuous Feed Folders with:
• MBO Gatefold Attachment
• MBO Fugitive Glue Spot Attachment
(2) Rollem Double-Strike Rotary Scoring/Perforating Machines
Muller Martini Bravo-T Plus Saddle Stitcher
(2) Hydraulic Drill Presses
Side Stitcher
Sickinger Wire-O and Plastic Coil Punch
Round-Cornering Machine
Automatic String-Tying Machine
(2) Automatic Shrink-Wrapping Tunnels
(3) Sheet-Counting Weight Scales
(3) Six-Station Letter Inserters
Mailstar Intelligent Six-Station Inserter with Inline Folding
(3) Commercial Folders
(2) High-Speed Color Inkjet Stations
(3) Automated Tabbing/Stamping Units
(2) Automated Poly Bag Stations
(3) Automated Shrink-Wrapping Station

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Commercial Printing


Printing just sounds simple, but the effort that goes into it forms the true story of what we do at V3.

We invest our time, talents and considerable expertise to make your project special. We match your blood, sweat and tears with our tenacity for creating the perfect finished product. We value your art and complement it with our commercial printing craftsmanship.

How can you be sure we will tell your story the way you want it told?

  • We have achieved G7 Master Printer Certification, which guides our processes in the world of color.
  • We have ISO 9001:2008 Certification, which serves as our operational standard to ensure that performance standards are kept with the highest industry standards.
  • We make continual investments in new equipment, scanning devices and equipment calibrations.

Your story is about more than putting ink on paper. You expect outstanding finished products. We have a long history of understanding how important bright, vibrant rich color is to our clients. We want nothing more than to help you achieve that goal.

It’s as simple as that.

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Prepress & Color Services

Prepress and color services, including photo retouching, color correction, image and page composition, proofreading and content conversion.

Offset Printing

Our press line up is currently rounded out by six sheet-fed offset printing presses ranging from 2-color to 6-color configurations. All of our presses are calibrated and foot-printed to produce a consistently great quality printed sheet. 

Digital Printing

For clients who need high or low volumes with a quick turnaround, digital printing provides a lower-cost solution through the use of laser or inkjet options.

Variable Data Printing

For personalized or targeted pieces, variable data printing allows for modifications to text, graphics and images from one piece to another without slowing down the printing process.

Fulfillment, Pack-Outs & Distribution

We serve as your storage facility, inventory manager, fulfillment office and distribution center so you can focus on your business.


Specialty Packaging


Your products tell a story, evoke an emotion, serve a purpose or fulfill a need. And the packages they are wrapped up in should compel a person to open them up and let the story unfold.

We are good at this packaging thing, but as much as our professionals know, they learn something new and inventive every day. They are excited about the endless possibilities for telling your story through specialty packaging.

  • Our services include every step from the die lines to the final package.
  • Our estimators/planners and structural engineers make sure packaging is designed to be produced as efficiently as possible.
  • Our trained staff understands the need to design for fulfillment of your product as much as the manufacturing of it.

We go the extra mile to make sure the product we design for you will perform to your expectations and meet your needs for specialty packaging.

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Structural Design

By taking the time to design and manufacture different structures for goods and products, we help transform the way products are presented to the buyer. We can work with your structural die lines or help you create one for your creative staff to skin/design around.

Modeling & Prototyping

3-D modeling and prototyping save costs and time by determining the viability of your project before a commitment to resources for a finished product.

Folding Cartons & Counter Displays

We help you to create attractive eye-catching product packaging that will lead to increased sales through shelf, counter displays, floor displays and point-of-purchase locations.

Media Packaging

We construct packaging for CDs and DVDs including specialty box sets, single or multi CD/DVD sleeves, jewel case inserts and clamshell inserts to protect and merchandise your digital information.


Direct Mail


Do yourself a favor. Bore us with the details.

If your message is being distributed through direct mail campaigns, you’ll have to decide who to put in charge of the details. At V3 we have a team of experts to help you with every facet of your direct mail – everything from list procurement and management to best practices consulting on design and copywriting to measurement and analytics on ROI models. We’re here to help you execute a successful direct mail program.

We leverage our knowledge of postal services to reduce your production and postage costs. We’ve made recommendations that save our clients thousands of dollars. We enable you to reach your target audience quickly and efficiently by refining your database to match your communications goals.

Choose us.

We’re into the details. We partner with you to give you a glimpse into the window of your campaign at each step along the path. Need to make an adjustment here or a change there? Our direct mail services and data services offer you the opportunity to control a message at every point and study its effectiveness after the fact.

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Complete Mail Services

From mailing list acquisition to content and printing to assembly and shipping, we handle every detail of your direct mail campaigns.

Mail Design Consultation

We partner with you to determine the best way to deliver a message, consulting on look, feel, content and delivery.

Predictive Analytics, Profiling & Modeling

We specialize in empirical research, data mining and a deep understanding of trends and probabilities that help forecast the success of your consumer-targeted campaigns.

USPS Logistical Planning

Fulfilling postal regulations and specifications are crucial when planning a direct mail campaign, and we handle the details that spell success for your project.

Cross-Media Campaigns

When your campaign could benefit from multiple messaging platforms, we partner with you to determine the best and most effective forms of media to reach your target audience.

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