Do yourself a favor. Bore us with the details.

If your message is being distributed through direct mail campaigns, you’ll have to decide who to put in charge of the details. At V3 we have a team of experts to help you with every facet of your direct mail – everything from list procurement and management to best practices consulting on design and copywriting to measurement and analytics on ROI models. We’re here to help you execute a successful direct mail program.

We leverage our knowledge of postal services to reduce your production and postage costs. We’ve made recommendations that save our clients thousands of dollars. We enable you to reach your target audience quickly and efficiently by refining your database to match your communications goals.

Choose us.

We’re into the details. We partner with you to give you a glimpse into the window of your campaign at each step along the path. Need to make an adjustment here or a change there? Our direct mail services and data services offer you the opportunity to control a message at every point and study its effectiveness after the fact.

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Complete Mail Services

From mailing list acquisition to content and printing to assembly and shipping, we handle every detail of your direct mail campaigns.

Mail Design Consultation

We partner with you to determine the best way to deliver a message, consulting on look, feel, content and delivery.

Predictive Analytics, Profiling & Modeling

We specialize in empirical research, data mining and a deep understanding of trends and probabilities that help forecast the success of your consumer-targeted campaigns.

USPS Logistical Planning

Fulfilling postal regulations and specifications are crucial when planning a direct mail campaign, and we handle the details that spell success for your project.

Cross-Media Campaigns

When your campaign could benefit from multiple messaging platforms, we partner with you to determine the best and most effective forms of media to reach your target audience.

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