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Five Tips for Designing a Live Experience Audiences Will Love

A herd of origami “cash cows” and custom scratch-off game pieces at an agricultural trade show made this exhibit both interactive and memorable.


Five Tips for Designing a Live Experience Audiences Will Love

Five Tips for Designing a Live Experience Audiences Will Love

  1. Organize your experience around one theme or concept. Chose a word that connects with an emotion or desire, such as luxury, safety, or wellness. Make sure all the details support your concept, including the materials, images, displays, lighting, and giveaways. Every element should reinforce your theme.
  2. Make bold choices, and think in terms of contrast. If you want to highlight a product benefit, think what life is like without it. Sometimes the best way to show strength is to illustrate fragility. Or maybe the best way to show the importance of environmental sustainability is to show pollution.
  3. Don’t worry about perfection or being too pretty. It is fine to be messy, loud, and off-center if it supports your theme. The goal is to stand out, surprise people, and be remembered. Authenticity isn’t about being perfect; it’s about being true to a concept or value.
  4. Empathize with your audience. Trade shows and conferences make people tired, dehydrated, and stressed-out. Create an experience that takes their mind off that. Let your space serve as a counterbalance to the rest of the show. Offer healthy snacks or get them reenergized—just shift their perspective away from the ordinary.
  5. Engage a multitude of senses. The five primary senses work together to influence perception. Use softer surfaces to absorb sounds, and try enclosing areas to limit interference. Offer refreshments that smell good, such as fresh-brewed coffee. Add modular elements that encourage touch. The more your visitors use their senses, the more they’ll remember the experience.

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