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Ten Ways the New Technology of Apps and Beacons Can Help Your Next Trade Show or Conference


Ten Ways the New Technology of Apps and Beacons Can Help Your Next Trade Show or Conference

  1. Automated Event Registration: Beacon-enabled apps offer on-site check-in options. Scan a QR code at a kiosk or check-in with the app and pick up your badge to complete the process. Beacons can also send attendees registration codes via notifications for quick and easy sign-up once the attendee is in the vicinity of the venue or session.
  2. Personalized Agenda & Conference Content: Display up-to-the-minute updated agendas, real-time alerts, and content marketing through various content distribution methods.
  3. Social Wall: Set up a live activity stream of social media for internal event communications between attendees to drive engagement, connection, and news.
  4. Live Q & A and Rating: Q & A and polls can be done live during sessions, along with instant feedback and rating of speakers, exhibits, and experiential offerings.
  5. “Around Me”: Geofencing can tell you who is in close proximity to you and provide a photo and short bio.
  6. Photo Wall: Attendees and exhibitors can use a built-in photo app beamed onto a big screen to showcase themselves at the event.
  7. Heat Map: Using wearable beacons allows you to gather real-time data on dwell time and traffic flow of attendees.
  8. Navigation: Floor maps powered by beacons are a great way to let attendees know where they are and how to get to their desired locations. They can also be used to direct attendees to medical stations, help desks, or water and restroom locations.
  9. Push Notifications: Push notifications can be sent to attendees as they walk past exhibits to draw them in.
  10. Gamification: No longer just a trend, this enables marketers and meeting planners are getting their game face on with creative ways to collect data and engage attendees. This includes everything from scavenger hunts to leaderboards where attendees earn points for posting to the live activity stream, liking a post, commenting on a post, or receiving likes and comments on their own posts.

One Great Example

Wearable beacons were used at the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association’s (E2MA) 2016 Red Diamond Congress in Orlando to track crowd movement via heat maps. At a cost of approximately $3 per attendee for each wearable beacon, the beacon had features that included automated check-ins, wayfinding, location-dependent polling, real-time heat maps, and push notifications activated by close proximity to an exhibitor booth.

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