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Who’s V3 Printing?

V3 Printing is a California-based direct mail marketing company that specializes in direct mail printing and mailing services, including variable data printing. Our quotes are complimentary, and if you book a job with us, you will also get a round of free color proofs on your first order.

Whether you are printing direct mail with custom lists and data analytics, multi-page catalogs with luxury saddle stitch binding, or retail folding cartons with inserts, V3 Printing makes is easy to get from the bidding stage to the shipment stage of every print project. We have been putting our clients first since 1946, and are proud to have produced some of the highest-quality print work for them all these years. Our friendly representatives are ready to work with you to plan, schedule and oversee your next commercial printing request. Let’s do this! Email our Sales Team at .

Why V3?

Impress your target audiences with branded print of the highest quality.

Get the bid you need when you need it by requesting a quick estimate.

Schedule recurring print jobs with confidence that experts oversee them.




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What does V3 do best?


Direct Mail

Complete Mail Services
We handle every detail of your direct mail campaigns – from mailing list acquisition to content to printing to assembly and, finally, shipping.

Mail Design Consultation
We partner with you to determine the best way to deliver a message – consulting on look, feel, content and delivery.

Predictive Analytics, Profiling & Modeling
We forecast the success of your consumer-targeted campaigns due to our specialization in empirical research and data mining. Furthermore, we have a deep understanding of trends and probabilities.

USPS Logistical Planning
Fulfilling postal regulations and specifications are crucial when planning a direct mail campaign. We handle the details that spell success for your project.

Cross-Media Campaigns
Sometimes campaigns benefit from multiple messaging platforms. As a result, we partner with you to determine the best and most effective forms of media to reach your target audience.



What else does V3 do well?


Specialty Packaging

Structural Design
We help transform the way products are presented to the buyer. We can work with your structural die lines or help you create one for your creative staff to skin/design around.

Modeling & Prototyping
3-D modeling and prototyping save costs and time by determining the viability of your project before a commitment to resources for a finished product.

Folding Cartons & Counter Displays
We help you to create attractive eye-catching product packaging. Consequently, clients see increased sales through shelf, counter displays, floor displays and point-of-purchase locations.

Media Packaging
We construct packaging for CDs and DVDs, including specialty box sets, single or multi CD/DVD sleeves, jewel case inserts and clamshell inserts.

Commercial Printing

Digital Printing
Digital printing provides a lower-cost solution (through the use of laser or inkjet options) for high or low volumes with a quick turnaround.

Offset Printing
Our press line up is currently rounded out by 6 sheet-fed offset printing presses ranging from 2 color to 6 color configurations. All of our presses are calibrated and foot-printed. Hence, they consistently produce a great quality printed sheet.

Prepress & Color Services
Photo retouching, color correction, image and page composition, proofreading and content conversion are all part of our prepress and color services.

Variable Data Printing
Variable data printing allows for modifications to text, graphics and images from one piece to another without slowing down the printing process.

Fulfillment, Pack-Outs & Distribution
We serve as your storage facility, inventory manager, fulfillment office and distribution center. Therefore, you can focus on your business.




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