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Who’s V3 Printing?

V3 Printing is a custom packaging company. We are headquartered in Oxnard, CA, and as a result, our main service area extends from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo.

V3 partners with some of the world’s most recognizable brands to tell their stories. We work with our clients to create eye-catching product packaging that leads to increased sales through custom printed folding cartons and point-of-purchase displays. Whether you are printing cardboard counter displays, folding cartons with custom inserts, or packaging for CDs and DVDs, V3 makes it easy to get from the bidding stage to the shipment stage of every project. We have been putting our clients first since 1946.

If you are looking for a trusted custom packaging company near you, email us at . We are ready to plan, schedule and oversee your next printing request.


Why V3 Printing?

Impress your target audiences with branded custom packaging of the highest quality.

Get the bid you need when you need it by requesting a quick estimate.

Schedule recurring custom packaging jobs with confidence that experts oversee them.





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We help transform the way products are presented to the buyer. We can work with your structural die lines or help you create one for your creative staff to skin/design around.

3-D modeling and prototyping save costs and time by determining the viability of your project before a commitment to resources for a finished product.

We help you to create attractive eye-catching product packaging. Consequently, clients see increased sales through shelf, counter displays, floor displays and point-of-purchase locations.

We construct packaging for CDs and DVDs, including specialty box sets, single or multi CD/DVD sleeves, jewel case inserts and clamshell inserts.





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